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Reel Mowing

Reel Mowing is the art of keeping a lawn highly manicured and short. This is the look that lawn lovers everywhere seek for there lawn. A Reel Mower makes that possible. Reel mowing is a much healthier way to cut a lawn, due to the clean cut and no tearing action. The reel which a set of blades 7-11, that provides scissor action to cut grass precise, while training it to grow sideways. The drum-like blade that fits against a bed knife creating the scissor like action. Good clean cut grass blades are less likely to get diseased and hold more green in blades instead of bruised tips of the grass blades.

Reel Mowing Process

For the best lawn you should cut every 3 days so you don't remove more than a third of the blade, which enables easy mulching of the grass. Not bagging and mulching grass is great for the lawn, creating better soil and greener grass dropping fertilizer needs by 10%. Reel mowers are used on golf courses putting greens, fairways, soccer, baseball and football fields. Wow, we all love those stripes on baseball fields!

They have electric reel mowers for commercial and residential use. These are catching on in a big way, with all the new battery technology and for those that want to be more eco-friendly. The best part of using electric reel mowers, is no possibility of spilled gas or oil on a lawn, easy to repair and very easy to start.

Benefits of Reel Mowing

  • Low budget: they make a manual push reel mower for about $100.

  • A manual push reel mower only requires the power from you pushing it.

  • Keeping lawns cut regular makes this reel mower work very efficiently.

Gas powered Reel mowers are still used the most and work very well. Dreamscapes uses Locke reels and Tru Cut reel mowers.

Dreamscapes has trained personnel that reel mow lawns on a regular basis, one of only a handful of companies provide this service in metropolitan Atlanta. The main reason more companies don't offer this service, is the constant maintenance and sharpening of the blades and the time it takes to do it properly. We cut lawns twice in a criss cross pattern to make sure every blade of grass is cut perfectly leaving a very smooth, even look to lawn, plus the striping is phenomenal a with steel roller instead of front wheels. Bermuda lawns and some zoysias do best with a reel cut program.

Reel Mowing Applications

Reel mowing trains the runners to crawl across the ground letting blades grow off the top of the runner. Thick makes reel cut lawns denser, creating that beautiful turf look. Dreamscapes also provides reel mowing services for sports fields, such as football, soccer and baseball fields. The key to creating the lawn that's the envy of the neighborhood is having a level lawn without large or small bumps like the smoothness of a concrete driveway.

If you're lawn isn't level, we can help with a top dressing or two. To achieve a great looking lawn, Dreamscapes top dresses lawns with a 70% earth food and 30% sand mix. After applying a ½ inch coverage across entire lawn, we use an infield drag mat to pull and drag it in six different directions to make sure it is in all bumps to level. We always aerate lawns to make sure this mixture mixes into the top layer of soil, which helps the root system grow better and stronger.