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6 Lawn Care Essentials

Lawn Care, Acworth, GA Caring for your lawn can seem to be a daunting task, as it requires regular and proper maintenance to ensure it stays in its top condition. A lack of the right knowledge in lawn maintenance can cause damage to your turf. This is where professional lawn care comes in. Here are 6 lawn care essentials that you should ensure to keep your turf healthy and lush.

Lawn Mowing

Proper and timely lawn mowing can keep the turf the right size. It is also important that the soil’s health is maintained for retaining water. You should know the following about lawn mowing:

  • When grass is mowed too often, it may burn
  • When grass is not mowed the right amount of times, it can overgrow and get clumped
  • Lawns should ideally be mowed every 5 to 8 days
  • Lawns can often die due to lack of fertilizer, leaf suffocation, or excess watering

Organic Mulch

Organic mulching helps maintain flowerbeds and shrubs. Organic mulch is better for plants as compared to inorganic mulch. Some of the key benefits of regular mulching include:

  • Organic mulch decomposes gradually and releases nutrients into the soil, helping improve the soil’s structure
  • It can keep the soil cooler while retaining moisture better than its inorganic counterpart

Since organic mulch will decompose, it is important to replenish it more often.

Top Dressing

Top dressing is a lawn renovation method that involves the application of compost, washed green waste, or sand to the lawn for improving its fertility, soil structure, and appearance. It is a simple technique used for the following purposes:

  • Enhancing soil nutrients
  • Preventing erosion
  • Increasing water retention
  • Suppressing weed growth
  • Improving the appearance of your lawn


Composting is the addition of nutrient-rich compost to your lawn or garden. It contains organic materials with the following types of ingredients:

  • Grass clippings
  • Dead leaves
  • Fruit scraps
  • Vegetable waste
  • Water

Composting not only helps add essential nutrients to the soil but also improves the soil’s ability to retain water. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Encouraging a healthy turf that is also resistant to disease
  • Cost savings
  • Conserving resources
  • Enhanced water retention
  • Environment-friendly

Core Aeration

Core aeration involves the extraction of cores of soil, grass, and thatch from the lawn surface. It helps in improving water penetration, nutrient availability, and soil air exchange, while also reducing compaction. The process helps improve the effectiveness of regular watering. The different benefits of core aeration are as follows:

  • Relieving soil compaction
  • Helping with thatch management
  • Helping with soil pH level improvements
  • Increasing nutrient availability
  • Reducing water runoff & puddling
  • Contributing to a thicker lawn
  • Preparing grass for dormancy in winter


Overseeding involves the planting of grass seed into an existing lawn. The process is used to fill in bare spots, improve grass varieties, improve turf density, and enhance the color. Overseeding doesn't require tearing up your lawn or the soil. Your lawn may need overseeding in the following scenarios:

  • It looks worn out or old
  • It needs excess amounts of fertilizer and/or water to thrive
  • It is prone to disease

Some of the main benefits of overseeding include:

  • Improving lawn appearance
  • Reducing erosion
  • Increasing thickness
  • Reducing the risk of disease & pest infestation

When it comes to taking proper care of your lawn, it is important to hire professional services. All these essential lawn care services are best provided by certified and licensed experts with experience. When you hire professional turf care services, you will not have to pay for correcting the mistakes caused due to a lack of experience. Experts can ensure proper and timely treatment. Every lawn is unique and requires customized lawn care and it is almost impossible for you to create a bespoke care treatment plan. If you live in Acworth, GA, or the surrounding areas, The Dreamscapes Design Build Maintain can help you with all your plantscaping and landscaping needs. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us at 678-574-4008 or write to us.
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