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5 Ideas on How to Prepare Your Landscape to Survive a Blizzard

Landscape Maintenance, Acworth, GA You can usually get a blizzard or snowstorm forecast well in advance. Whenever you have an upcoming blizzard, you will take many steps to stay prepared. This also includes protecting your landscape. At The Dreamscapes Design Build Maintain, we have some helpful ideas for you to prepare your landscape to help it survive a blizzard.

1. Make Use of Compost

When you add compost to the soil, you are ensuring your plants stay healthy and strong. This storm preparation idea is suitable all year round. Some of the key benefits of this strategy are as follows:
  • It helps improve drainage for the soil.
  • It helps strengthen the soil with good microorganisms. This strengthens your plants to ward off disease and pests.
  • It helps create a soil environment that is healthier for root structures. Stronger roots further help your plants withstand strong winds.

2. Secure Your Plants & Trees

You should secure plants and trees with stakes. While this cannot be a reliable way to protect against a hurricane, it can be helpful with normal thunderstorms. There are staking kits available if you want to do it yourself, still it is recommended to seek the guidance of a landscaping professional to ensure you do it right.

It is recommended to consider important factors when staking plants and trees. This includes:
  • The rope’s length
  • The stake’s angle
  • The amount of wiggle room given to the tree

3. Protect Young & Tender Plants

Young and tender plants are more vulnerable to blizzards. You can wrap such flowers and shrubs in a breathable fabric. Protective screens made using wiring, stakes, and fabric can also be used for the purpose. The objective is to protect leaves, flower buds, and brittle stems from getting damaged. This will also help prevent critters from damaging your plants.

If you have plants that are too fragile or small, uproot them and bring them indoors. You can create an interior greenhouse to keep such tender plants while protecting them from harsh winds and temperatures.

4. Prune Branches

Any dead or damaged branches should be removed before the blizzard. Such branches and even hanging fruits can increase potential risks in high winds. It is recommended to do this on a regular basis, not just before a storm forecast.

It is further recommended to use the following tips when pruning:
  • Check for weak limbs and remove them. They can snap even if a little weight builds up on them.
  • Trim down overly leafy areas or oblong branches. This makes it easier for the snow to fall down.

5. Check the Drainage System

Blizzards can cause a lot of damage by clogging or drainage system. Check your drainage system and gutters and ensure that they are positioned properly. Clear any existing clogs to prevent the situation from deteriorating. This will help prevent soil from getting displaced or plants from dying.

So, these ideas should help you prepare your landscape effectively to survive a blizzard. For more information and guidance, feel free to contact us at The Dreamscapes Design Build Maintain.

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