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Top 5 Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape Design Ideas, Acworth, GA A well-planned landscape can last for years and maintain your outdoor looks all year round. The landscape design goals vary for different homeowners. You may want to overhaul your outdoor space, create a more sustainable space, or attract wildlife, we have 5 ideas to help transform your landscape. These landscape ideas can also help increase your property’s value.

Flower Gardens

A flower garden can enrich your landscape like anything. You will have a beautiful oasis right outside your front door. There are many benefits of creating and installing flower gardens:

  • Perfect for Pollinators: Butterflies and bees love flower gardens: These pollinators will collect and spread pollen in the process of collecting nectar from flowers. This will not only benefit your landscape but the general greenery in your local area.
  • Improved Curb Appeal: It is obvious. A properly manicured flower garden will readily beautify your landscape while creating a warm feeling.
  • Health Benefits: It shouldn't come as a surprise that there are certain health benefits as well to having a flower garden. Gardening works as an excellent form of exercise. The activities of digging, edging, and watering can work as a good regular workout for your entire body. Getting your hands dirty in the soil can also help boost your immunity. Besides, there are also positive impacts of gardening on your emotional and cognitive health.

Plants & Trees

The ideal garden design must have structural plants.

  • Use evergreen shrubs as garden borders
  • You can use smaller shrubs, but larger evergreens for larger areas
  • The gaps can be filled with beautiful flowering plants
  • Low-planted and narrow beds can define dining areas and seating areas
  • You can also use plants to create lines of planted-up troughs

Mature trees can help you set the right scheme. They can block out glare from the sun and can also work as anchors for various outdoor décor elements. There are many ways trees can benefit your landscape practically and aesthetically:

  • Trees can filter out noise and pollution
  • They can act as screens and provide greater privacy
  • They help create habitat for birds and other wildlife
  • Planting multi-stem trees can help make a stronger structural statement

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can create the perfect outdoor atmosphere. It is recommended to layer up your outdoor lighting the same way you do for your indoor lighting. Choose a wide range of light sources including:

  • Festoon lights
  • Fairy lights
  • Freestanding lamps
  • Wall lights
  • Ground lights
And more. The lights should help add ambience and character to the space, allowing you to enjoy dining alfresco into the night.

Artificial Grass

If you don't seem to have the time or resources to take care of natural turf, you can consider getting artificial grass. You may also consider it for specific areas of your landscape. Some of the advantages include:

  • Your turf will not have dead spots or turn brown
  • Weeds cannot grow amidst artificial turf, making them perfect for border areas
  • It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance like your natural turf
  • Artificial turf can be positioned next to stone, concrete, and other elements with precision
  • It can survive drought conditions

Pavers & Walls

The style and color of your paving can create a design scheme for your landscape. For example, white or grey stone laid in a random design can help create a French country look. Well-organized silver or black pavers can create a more modern and smoother look. When it comes to creating the landscape of your dreams, it is important to pay attention to detail. The following tips should help you with paving:

  • White or grey stone perfectly complements white and purple flowers
  • Golden paving should match lavender, chalky yellow, pink, and softer-toned flowers
  • Silver and black paving goes well with strong colors including yellow, red, and orange

A retaining wall can be an excellent addition to your landscape if there are hills or steep levels in your yard. Well-designed walls can also create planting opportunities around different levels and seating areas. You can also consider creating living walls on your property. They can be placed anywhere. All you must take care of is to select the right plants for the specific area of the garden.

At DreamScapes Design, we can help you create the perfect landscape design. If you want more tips or guidance, feel free to contact us at 678-574-4008 or write to us.

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