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A Guide To Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance, Acworth, GA Lawn care and the pleasure of outdoor living areas are essential for house ownership. Most homeowners want to stay current with their outdoor spaces but are unsure where to start. Time spent on lawn maintenance can be controlled with regular care but maintaining your lawn can be a chore. Dreamscapes Design Build Maintain is ready to help with all your landscaping needs, including lawn maintenance.

Caring for your lawn involves following some basic steps at specific times, such as:

Removing Leaves & Debris Daily

Cool, crisp air and beautiful landscape as the leaves change hues and fall mark the transition from summer to autumn. Property managers, homeowners, and business owners must ultimately rake and clean up all that stunning splendor. Not everyone knows that spring is another good time to clean up the backyard or landscaping after a long summer. Trees and shrubs shed leaves and twigs regularly and clearing them from the ground are crucial to your landscape's health. This organic matter can begin to rot and harbor pests, damaging your plantings and affecting your health. It's why you should remove leaves and debris daily and keep your grass clear so it can breathe easily and thrive.

Watering Lawns Daily

Lawns typically require 1–1.5 inches of water per week, which can come from rain or irrigation. That water can be used for one watering or split up over the week. You need to water the grass daily to ensure it receives the moisture it needs to thrive. Don't overwater your grass and remember to adjust the watering schedule PER the season. When sprinklers are installed and programmed to run on the specified schedule, you can rest assured that your grass will always get the water it needs.

Mowing Lawns Weekly

Changing the mowing height of lawn mowers is the single most effective way to get them ready for the summer. Grasses kept at longer lengths (three inches or longer) have deeper root systems. If your lawn features cool-season turf grasses, you should limit the frequency you mow it. Heat and drought naturally stunt their development. But mowing the lawn once a week is suggested. To keep your grass looking healthy and robust, it's essential to never trim more than 1/3 of the blade at a time.

Aerating Lawns Monthly

Lawn aeration makes holes in a lawn to improve root circulation of oxygen, moisture, and nourishment by breaking up compacted soil. An increase in oxygen, water, and nutrients is only the beginning of what aeration can do for your grass and soil. Aerated grassroots can penetrate deeply into the ground, allowing for robust, healthy growth. By aerating your lawn once a month, you can prevent future problems such as dry grass, ugly brown spots, and other lawn issues.

Fertilize Lawns Monthly

For a lush, verdant grass, fertilizer is an essential element. Although spring is the most common time for fertilizing lawns, fall feeding is just as vital. Grass needs fertilizer in the fall when its roots are sinking into the earth. This fertilizer treatment is the most crucial of the year since it will shield your grass from harm while it rests in winter. To maintain the grass healthy, use slow-release fertilizer once a month in the recommended amount.

As you can see, you need to complete many of these essential tasks daily, which can be tedious and time-consuming. Hiring lawn care professionals is a far better option. For more information on our lawn maintenance services, contact the team at Dreamscapes Design Build Maintain through this contact us form or call at 678-574-4008. Our experts will get back to you shortly.
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