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Top Dressing - Compost, Humus Soil, Sand, Topsoil, Peat moss

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Top Dressing

is the ultimate and will turn the worst lawn into the best lawn. Topdressing not only levels the lawn but improves soil condition. This organic lawn care process is achieved by topdressing the turf area with organic substances such as compost, top soil, humus, just to mention a few.

Dreamscapes Top Dressing will increase nutrition uptake of the plants, balance moisture content of soil, alleviate compaction, enhance root development, and reduce sports injuries on playing surfaces for humans.

Topdressing will also aid in reducing animal lameness in horses and racing dogs. Aeration will aide to oxygenate the soil. Topdressing a lawn can also help leveling, repair turf and lawn areas.

The Procedures of Topdressing aim to improve and repair the soil and turf the natural way. Topdressing will also

The Procedures for Top Dressing are:

Adding Topdressing Materials such as: Compost, Humus, Sand, Topsoil, Peat moss, etc.

Aeration, Core Aeration, Linear Aeration, Vertical Aeration or Aerification of the soil.

  • Grass renovation
  • Sodding (laying new grass tiles)
  • Seeding
  • Overseeding
  • Slit-seeding

The environmental impact of using whenever possible organic materials (such as humus and compost) is tremendous. Take in consideration that the composts/humus consist mostly of leaves, and other garden materials.

Topdressing will also control the thatch. If the thatch is a problem, a dethatching session can be scheduled during the topdressing procedure.

Dreamscapes offers reel mow programs also.
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