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Design Meeting

Preparation for 1st Design meeting

1st. The interview we will ask a series of questions to help us develop a conceptual plan that fits you're likes and dislikes.

Question: what should I the client have so I am prepared?

Answer: Property plan that shows house foot print on property survey, found in closing papers or online from your County website.

I also suggest that clients to go through all of there favorite Home and garden Magazines, tear out everything you like and put in a folder and bring this to the meeting, this will be a great way to communicate things you like. Also bring septic or sewage locations and irrigation drawings if you have them.

2nd. We will produce a rough draft based on the interview then return for a second meeting to go over with the client and make any changes if needed.

3rd. Back to the drawing board to finalize the drawing and make 4 inked copies for the client to keep.

4th. Meeting with client to go over pricing, materials and phasing options.

5th. schedule the project.

Advantages of a design

It is the most important piece of the landscape; so make sure you are getting what you want the way you want it before it is built.

All details, ideas and wishes are followed through from the beginning to be planned for and not forgotten.

All drawings are very detailed and will be a working drawing to be used for construction, which keeps everyone on the same page.

It will show all drainage areas with piping instructions. Irrigation lay out with specs, Lighting scheme, and of course planting areas, patios and entertainment flow.

This eliminates any surprises later in the process, enables you to develop a very accurate budget that stays on track.

The most important is it will increase your home value when planned properly and installed the right way.

All great designs are a result of good communication, a design team that listens well to the client and then takes that information and makes it work. The combination of our knowledge and the clients Dreams, Taste and style makes great works of art that are unique.