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Lawn Mowing Best Practices

We at Dreamscapes consider lawn mowing as the finishing touch of a properly cared for property. We only use top of the line commercial equipment and employ those with high standards of workmanship. Our equipment is always maintained in great shape andour mower blades are kept on a consistent sharpening schedule. This will help us ensure that you as a customer will have a worry free experience with us. We take pride in getting the job completed in a timely fashion, meanwhile leaving your lawn properly manicured and looking aesthetically pleasing.

Dreamscapes Crews change their blades every other day because sharp blades are very important - why?

  • It helps to keep lawns looking nice and to keep their green color.

  • It makes it easier on the machines, especially if mulching. It helps to cut grass in smaller particles for easier placement in thatch area.

  • Dull blades cause ragged edges that weaken the plant and allow disease.

  • It cuts down on scalping lawns. Tugging and pulling at the grass blades instead of a clean cut, can create bald spots and scalping.

  • It is better for our environment and reduces our carbon footprint. Since our machine works easier, it uses less gas and oil emitting less pollution. Also less disease and ber grass eliminates the need for chemicals. Mulching grass clippings is recommended and creates a 30% less fertilizer needed to keep grass healthy.

Lawn Mowing Done Right

Lawn mowing, Atlanta, GA Dream Scapes only uses 21" mowers on all front yards, this is our policy and we stick to it.

Dream Scapes mowing crews mow in a different direction each visit, so the grass doesn't lay one way and there is never any traffic rutting in the lawn.

21" mower doesn't weaken the grass in the warm months like a large heavy mower does. Using a large mower can wear the grass down by June or July. Large mowers in small yards are not a part of Dream Scapes Best Maintenance Practice.

The Highest Standards in Lawn Mowing and Grass Cutting

There is not enough room to mow in a different direction each visit causing large traffic ruts from the heavy mowers. Using large mowers in front yards and some back yards can also cause grass to thin in areas, kill out grass in traffic areas, as well as rut the property and cause scalping. The exception being if the property includes a very large front yard and the homeowner chooses the larger cut. Large mowers also don't mow very well on slopes cutting grass uneven. Large mowers are best used in a Commercial Mowing Crew not in a residential garden.

Our Mowing standard and Dreamscapes signature is small mowers in front yard; this is how we are different. We use the best equipment and best practices to give you the best lawn. For more information, feel free to contact us at this number: 678-574-4008, or connect with us via this Online Form.