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Landscape Design FAQs

Q: What if I don't know what I want and/or I don't understand a drawing?

A: We can use visual aids such as a design ware, magazine photos, etc. to show you what we are thinking of.

Q: What if I only want one bed designed?

A: We have digital design ware we can do at your house and give you an estimate the same day. We have to have a deposit of $125.00 for a digital design that is refunded if you go with us to do the work.

Q: Do you design large retaining walls?

A: Yes, we do and there is another fee associated with these designs because we have to have a civil engineer view and approve our design so we can pull permits.

Q: If I had a design done on the front yard already can you use it?

A: We can use it to pull ideas from, and if it fits the concept of your ideas and ours, yes we can.

Q: What does "Interlocking Paving" mean?

A: Interlocking paving is a misleading term. What actually constitutes interlocking is really a dynamic function containing three different components. They are "rotational interlock" (resistance to tipping) "horizontal interlock" (resistance to spreading) "vertical interlock (resistance to sinking)". So, that means for lasting quality you need good containment, good sub base and proper paver thickness. Thicker pavers for driveways, thinner pavers for patios.

Q: Can we have a design done and then put it in ourselves?

A: No, we only design build our designs. We can't allow others to install our creative properties. They must be built by us or our fees are doubled. This is in our design agreement. A design will never turn out great if it's designed by one and then put in by someone else who wasn't in on the design process.