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Concrete Pavers

What are Pavers?

Instead of using poured concrete to build a patio or deck or using hot asphalt to pave a driveway, some homeowners may choose to use pavers, which are pre-cast masonry or stone blocks similar to clay bricks. Pavers, however, come in a variety of shapes and colors and generally create a better finished walkway or driveway than standard clay bricks.

Our interlocking pavers are tiles made of concrete that simulate cobblestone paths. The individual interlocking pavers fit together to cover a deck, patio, walkway, driveway, or anywhere you might consider placing concrete or bricks. Since we use no mortar or grout, interlocking pavers are simple to install yourself and even easier to maintain.

There are many shapes and sizes of pavers offered today. The newest being stone pavers like Arbela stone. Our digital catalogs have all shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. Choosing paver colors and styles can be a tough decision. If you don't see them daily or work with them on a regular basis, you will need help. We have many visuals to help you choose, one being on our website which you can upload a picture and add the pavers to see an after shot of your house with a new patio or driveway.

Many pavers are created in concrete forms, which tend to make them more uniform than standard bricks. Hexagonal and other multi-sided shapes allow individual paver tiles to interlock with each other, and they can be modified on-site to fit curves and other paving challenges. By using various bricklaying techniques, installers can create herringbone patterns or other intricate designs with various sized pavers and basic masonry tools. Please visit our paver shapes catalog.
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