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Sod Maintenance

Don't Forget About Lawn Maintenance

What to do After Sod Installation?

Thank you for using Dreamscapes to install your new sod grass. Please follow this guide on establishing your new sodded lawn.

While following these sod watering guidelines, keep in mind that each yard is different, and even each section of yard is different. So we recommend that you check each section daily for the first month to more accurately determine if you need to water or not.

The best way to check the sod is to use your finger or a screwdriver to stick into the ground to check for moisture before watering. Keep in mind that more lawns and plants are killed by overwatering than under watering!

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Lawn Watering Done Right!

  • 1st Week: Water every other day for 45-60 minutes depending on the type of delivery method. Check soil each day and water more in sunnier, drier areas if necessary.

  • 2nd Week: Water every third day, still checking soil each day for moisture and watering more if required.

  • 3rd Week: Continue to water every third day

  • 4th Week: Water the lawn 1 inch per week. Adjust this if you receive rainfall. Keep checking moisture levels by probing the ground, and water more in the sunnier, drier areas if grass shows signs of heat stress.

What You May Not Know About Lawn Mowing

You can start mowing the lawn in the third week, if the grass is fully rooted to the soil below. Check this by pulling on the grass in several different areas, if it does not pull away from the soil, you are ready to mow. For the very first mowing, set your mower on a high setting and make sure you have very sharp mower blades. Four days later, you may mow a little lower if desired.

What to do About Those Pesky Weeds...

A note about Weeds: You may have weeds sprouting in the cracks between the sod pieces. This is not a concern. You may hand pull the weeds if you want, or wait until after the fourth mowing and apply a post emergent weed treatment. Always read the instructions on the label before applying any treatment to new sod!

Watch Out for Brown Patch Fungus

Fescue lawns need to be watched carefully for any signs of fungus brown patches.

We recommend following U.G.A. guidelines for Lawn Maintenance. The link below has extensive information regarding lawn care.


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