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Residential Full Service Lawn Care

Dreamscapes offer a wide range of custom programs to fit all of your landscapes requirements and free up your valuable time. We visit the property 43 -50 times a year to keep your landscape manicured and healthy.

Our programs include monthly inspections that evaluate the property and set goals for the next month. This is done by the property manger for that job and a copy is left with the homeowner to review and comment on.

Lawn Maintenance

Our annual programs include our green up and weed free lawn care, tree and shrub care, ornamental weed control in beds, mowing, edging beds and hard lines, and pruning and leaf removal. There are many other options that can be added to create a program that handles all of your outdoor needs and allows you to do what you do best.

Mowing services: From April until October 1 st, we mow your property once a week to the proper ht. We only use 21" mowers or reel mowers on all front lawns, to give you a well manicured look and with the best care.

Our pruning services offer customized schedules to fit each landscape style. We are certified pruning specialists that only use natural style pruning on 90% of all plants. We only use mechanical shears when pruning formal style landscapes shrubs.

Lawn Care Program That Works

With our Green Up custom program we will test the soil for your lawn at the start of the program. The lawn’s soil analysis will determine the program we customize for your lawn or landscape. Our lawn care program includes liquid treatments, which absorb immediately. Granular fertilizer requires water because sun and micro organisms break it down and make available for plant to uptake and 50% is lost to evaporation and or run off.

Our Maintenance Guide will show you our schedule of services. Please schedule an analysis, so we can customize a Full Maintenance program for you..