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Aeration overseeding

Fescue lawns in Ga. heat will need overseeding in the fall. A soil sample is very important 4 -8 weeks prior to aeration overseeding.

Aeration overseed - Fescue grass is cut at 1.5" prior to dethatching of the lawn area if needed. Then lawn is aerated in a criss-cross pattern to expose as much soil as possible to get good seed to soil contact. Seed is applied at recommended rate, with starter fertilizer. Straw is laid in large open soil areas. Grass will germinate in 10-14 days.

Slit seeding - is a process in which we slice the soil with a machine to 1"+ depth and seed is dropped in slice. This is a very consistent successful seeding method. For major lawn renovation this is recommended.

Aeration Overseeding Aeration Overseeding
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