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Garden Compost - Making Organic Compost

Compost is the decomposition of organic material with the help of hundred of thousands of micro organisms. Natural lawn care professionals as well as weekend gardeners are using this natural phenomenon to their advantage to ameliorate their soils conditions. Compost is purchased in small quantities at garden stores and chain stores such as Wal-Mart. Natural, organic, and the green industry professionals create their compost by recycling their refuse from fall and spring cleanup jobs, wood chips and hauling in manure from different sources and species. Backyard gardeners mainly rely on recycled kitchen refuse and their own garden waste.

Use Compost to Feed Your Garden Plants and Reduce Waste

Composting, if the materials are properly decomposed, is a good source of mulches to apply the soil surfaces of your vegetable gardens but we do not recommended for landscape decoration purposes. Recycling organic waste via proper decomposition with the help of aerobic and anaerobic procedures to make compost is ecological very sound. Compost application also improves the soil quality, reduces the soil compactation. In combination with any kind of aeration and water retention control capacity, and provides drainage control as well by linear aeration.

The compost production is practiced both in the backyard and in the commercial environment. A word to the wise, not all kitchen and yard refuse is suitable to be used for composting. Stay away from fruit waste because that source creates excess alcohol levels and certain manures create to high temperature levels in the decomposition process. The myth that the compost needs allot of time to decompose and all is well is very inaccurate statement.

As the computer geeks are saying; "GIGO" (garbage in garbage out) applies to the creation of humus. The more intensive way to create compost uses either containers or earthmoving equipment to rotate and mix it to accelerate the decomposition.

The process of making Compost

As mentioned before, composting organic wastes is the natural way to create humus. For this to occur, the proper temperature in the compost pile needs to be maintained at all times. The proper temperature levels will foster the right environment for the necessary microorganisms, insects and earthworm to digest the organic matter.

To microorganisms need the necessary levels of oxygen, water, nitrogen and heat. If the proper amounts of oxygen and water are incorporated, the decomposition takes place at greater acceleration, which in the commercial compost environment is controlled with addition of different mixtures of various sources of animal manure. These rather high levels of heat in the digesting compost pile are good enough to destroy seeds and plant disease pathogens.

By rotating the compost pile air is mixed in which accelerates the decomposition process. The compost pile should be turned over frequently to keep oxygen levels to foster aerobic digestion. The will hasten the digestive process of the pile and improve the quality of the future natural source of fertilizer.

Some learned people in the digestive process of organic waste advocate to add nitrogen fertilizer to the composting mix to hasten the decomposition process. It has been our experience that if animal waste in the proper levels and mixtures provides the nitrogen levels; you really are doing it the natural way.

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