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Foundation Drains

My name is Richard Allen and I am the owner of Dreamscapes. I have been in the landscape and construction industry for four decades and drainage is one of my passions, and I am very experienced with figuring out how to solve all water/damage issues. As a premier landscape firm in Atlanta Georgia, I am also an expert in drainage and I just love my job! My countless years in landscape design, build requires us to be really knowledgeable in drainage design.

My Dreamscapes team also loves it for the challenge of finding the start of a drainage problem and coming up with a solution that we can guarantee for life. Plants wont do well when the beds they are planted in dont drain well or the soil doesnt perk well. Patios can look great unless they always have silt on them from run off or a puddle, and grass dies if water sits on it, or puddles. Drainage is the number one thing on my mind when Dreamscapes is called in to look at landscapes and any outdoor design or home landscape inspection.

Foundation Repairs

Most landscape companies dont know how how to properly handle challenging drainage issues or foundation drain work and repairs require a lot of experience. The reason we do foundation repair and drainage is to keep the house dry. Ive seen how “so-called leaky basement" and other foundation companies work, and it blew my mind. I could not understand why they charge so much for a mediocre job when I can perform a top notch job, starting outside the home, by stopping the water at that point of entry.

The plan for the large leak repair companies and foundation repair companies is to let water get to point B, then pump it out for $20,000 with holes and trenches cut in the basement floor, which basically devalues the home. Most builders do not provide great foundation drains. I find so many new homes that have poor foundation drains, just enough to pass inspection. They can start failing after a short period of time as little as a few years. Proper foundation drains are done with geo textile fabric Gravel and perforated pipe and AH plastic coating or tar on the outside of foundation walls.

Drainage Process

Dreamscapes process involves digging out 24" width trench around house to top of the footer. Pressure wash the foundation, inspect and test the surrounding areas. Then Repair cracks and any other issues. Waterproof walls, then coat them with plastic. Perforated pipe installed at top half of footer then piped to corners so they can always see daylight and stay open, to enable breathing and drainage. Letting pipes breath is letting water evaporate away from walls. Back fill trenches to 85% gravel wrapped in protective fabric geo textile, finished with soil that is pitched away from the home at a 2" drop per 10 feet. Transplant bushes and trees back in beds if any and plant the lawn plus mulch. We guarantee all work for life with a full money back guarantee.

Foundation Drains, Roswell, GA