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Mulching - Types of Mulch from Dreamscapes

Mulching your Landscape is very important and provides many benefits for your trees shrubs and flowers. The #1 reason to mulch is preventing erosion and soil splatter. #2 reason to mulch is reduced water cost, by retaining moisture in the soil for a longer period of time. The #3 reason for mulching is the prevention of weeds, when there is 2” plus layer of mulch.

It’s important to pick the right mulch for the job, in order to achieve the maximum benefit. Dreamscapes has all mulch in bulk and can be installed. Call for a free evaluation.

Below we have listed each mulch and their specific benefits, with area covered per yard.

Pine Mulch

Pine mulch is the number one mulch for playgrounds, due to its softer base and non splintering chips. When Pine mulch is ran through a chipper twice, non-splintering pine mulch is created making it safe and long lasting, for use in the landscape and playgrounds everywhere.

Playground Mulch

Play Safe Playground Mulch is used by Daycare centers, Parks, play grounds and walkways. Play safe playground mulch should be installed at 6” plus thickness, to achieve a base that is very safe for all ages.

When DreamScapes installs play safe mulch for home owners or Day care centers, we first start with geo textile fabric 100 lb. thickness laid on the bare ground prior to the play safe mulch installation. 2nd we install the play safe playground mulch, raking it in as we go until we reach 6”-8” base of play safe mulch. Six inch thick coverage would be 54 sq feet per cubic yard.

Dyed Mulches

Dyed Mulches are mostly created from cured hardwood mulch that is then dyed with low moisture dyes. There are many colors of mulch; listed below are a few that are available at DreamScapes Landscape supply.

Red Mulch

Red Mulch is created from mostly pine or blond colored woods which helps show the red color better. DreamScapes uses red mulch where the beds have lots of green to help pop that red color, we don’t advise to use red Mulch in open unplanted areas, the color is too bright and will look very commercial.

1 yard of any type of mulch will spread 162 sq ft. 2” thick, if applying for a touch up you can go 324 sq ft 1” thick per yard of mulch

Dark Walnut Mulch

Dark Walnut Mulch Is created from natural hardwood, which is DreamScapes best seller. The Dark Brown Mulch is a very rich brown color that holds its color for as long as 2 years, vs. 3 months for pine straws. All colored mulches only need to be refreshed every 12-18 months, giving big savings compared to using Pine straw, which needs to be replaced every 3 months to keep looking fresh.

Black Mulch

Black Mulch is our 2nd best selling mulch. It really stands out in the landscape and around the neighborhood. The only down fall with Black mulch is that lawn debris is magnified, so keep your beds clean of all debris when using this mulch. Black mulch will spread 162 sq ft. 2” thick, if applying for a touch up you can go 324 sq ft 1” thick

Cypress Mulch

Cypress Mulch is blond in color and sold in chips as well as shredded. Cypress mulch is great for preventing insects and last longer than most mulches. Cypress mulch is also used for play safe mulch. Will spread 162 sq ft. 2” thick, if applying for a touch up you can go 324 sq ft 1” thick

Natural hardwood mulch

Natural hardwood mulch is a great mulch for erosion control due to its lower cost. There isn’t any dye used it’s the natural color of aging hardwood grayish black color with some blond color. Will spread 162 sq ft. 2” thick, if applying for a touch up you can go 324 sq ft 1” thick.

We can provide all the information you need about the different landscape mulch types and what their pros and cons are. This will help you make a better-informed decision about the types of products you need to improve the appearance and health of your landscape. Call now: 678 547 4008 or visit our Local Landscape Supply store at:

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