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Landscape Drainage

Landscape Drainage, Roswell, GA

Great drainage starts with a great grade which is done by someone who knows water and how to make water go where we want it to go, Making sure there is not a need for drain pipes is perfect. Natural draining properties is my first choice, but due to budgets or properties that are very challenging to achieve this due to fences, patios and other items added after grade was set. In these cases we will use boxes and piping to collect and send water to the best area.

Dreamscapes does both grading, sodding and drainage systems. We mostly recommend PVC drainage pipe. Black corrugated drainage pipe is cheap and gives cheap results lasting a short period of time, due to its brittle nature holes appear shortly after install or before installed. These holes can be the size of a small finishing nail or pin hole. Roots find these small holes and then due to humidity and temperatures they blow up inside the pipe like a hydroponic lab. Spending a little extra saves more down the road.

Smooth wall PVC is strong and wont collapse, it drains fast and doesnt get trash caught in pipe. Dreamscapes guarantees all drain work with PVC for lifetime. Its very important to have your property fully inspected by a professional landscaping company, like Dreamscapes, before you embark on installing gardens, patios, retaining walls and lawns. We can easily identify potential drainage issues and solve them quickly before you invest any time and money into a landscaping project.