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Landscape Design Services

We offer digital design ware visuals and sketches for our onsite free estimates.

Design build services - This process takes about 4 weeks depending on size and type of project. See our design build pricing.

Stone walls, walkways, patios and driveways - We have stone masons on our team that have 30 years experience in stone masonry art. There is a huge difference in the quality of the stone work you can see on any of our jobs in comparison with your average stone mason. Our stone masons have won several best in southeast competitions. You will be amazed at our quality in stone and design.

Outdoor Kitchen design build - We start with a design and estimate based on your outdoor cooking needs. All of our kitchens and outdoor living areas are unique and never repeated. .

Outdoor Fire Pit - We have many types of fire pits to suit your style and your space. They can be installed with or without gas starters.

Outdoor fireplaces - Outdoor fireplaces are a solid masonry structure from the ground up. These structures are becoming very popular. Outdoor fireplaces provide a unique focal point to landscapes and enhance the character and the usefulness of an outdoor living space. An outdoor fireplace can be an excellent part of a landscaping investment, since it enables the homeowner to enjoy the yard even in the cooler months. Fireplace features can be custom built or pre-manufactured. Our custom designs are unique in style and construction. Our custom built fireplaces can be tailor made to fit all styles- Tuscan, Spanish, Contemporary, etc….

Paver Patios - We are ICPI certified installers with a lifetime warranty on all of our paver products. We have digital catalogs and visual aids in the paver section of our website. We also have design ware in which we can upload a photo to help you visualize different paver styles.

Water features - We can design natural waterfalls for Koi ponds or pond less. Our waterfalls carry a 3 year warranty. Our waterfall designer gets his inspiration from natures art and recreates this on your property.

Retaining walls - All of our retaining wall designs are reviewed and stamped by a licensed engineer. We have many shapes, styles, and applications to fit any need you have. We have built walls out of all types of materials like modular block, concrete poured walls, blocks, wood, stucco, boulder walls, what ever fits your environment.

Custom fountains - We design and craft 100% custom fountains that are built from scratch, using anything and everything to create the look and style you desire. We also can custom carve cantera stone to any style or shape you desire.

Custom Pergolas decks, gazebos, benches, swings - We use only the best materials for any project. Our structures are built to code and most structures require a permit. Our designs are engineered and carry a 5 year warranty.

Lighting - We only use professional grade lighting to create a look that fits your property and your home’s architectural features. We offer a 5 year warranty on new installs.

Irrigation - We use rain bird controller, sprays rotors, and valves. We can also use your favorite brand to create a system that gives proper coverage over the entire landscape. All of our systems are professionally designed by our irrigation specialist. We offer a 5 year warranty on installs.

Seasonal color - This is the owner’s baby and his forte. He still looks over all plants at his favorite nurseries to find the latest, greatest and best quality plants. We offer a 90 day warranty on all seasonal color. We also do pots.

Mulching - When mulching, we trench the bed lines first to shape and define the beds. This is what gives the landscape the sharp edge. We install pine straw, dyed wood products, crushed brick or gravels. Whatever the look requires, we can create the mulch to fit it.

Grading - We charge 47with an 8 hour minimum.

Plantings - Any style you desire. We try to use native plants to fit the design. Our plantings set us apart from every one else. We visit nature, read, and dream about creating unique living works of art. The most important part of any landscape is bed preparation. When plants have good drainage they will always flourish. We start with great topsoil, which we have tested for proper soil ph. Then we install and till into your native soil to a 12” depth. The beds will be shaped and amended with our secret blend that enables us to have the best life span. There is a lifetime warranty with our maintenance program.

Transplanting - We transplant small shrubs to large oak trees and carry a limited warranty on all of our transplants. We also use some special amendments that act as root steroids and aid in the process. When you do things the right way, you get great results.